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Huntington Beach 2014 Drinking Water Quality Report

If you have questions about your tap water, you can find the answers here : 

In august 2010 the State of California released it's Second Revised Final Environmental Impact Report Adoption of Statewide Regulations Allowing the Use of PEX Tubing

Some of the agencies involved include:

  •  California Building Standards Commission
  • California Environmental Quality Act
  • California Plumbing Code
  •  Department of Food and Agriculture
  •  California Department of Public Health
  •  EIR Division of the State Architect Environmental Impact
  •  California Department of Housing and Community Development
  •  Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development 

State of California Approval of the use of PEX Pipe

PEX piping is still relatively new to the state of California. Contractors in the US. began installing it about 30 years ago with the State of California being the last State to approve it. The fact is that while the rest of the Country was installing PEX pipe in millions of homes, businesses, hotels, and restaurants, the State of California was doing extensive environmental impact and health hazard testing including cancer risk studies. (not saying this is a bad thing) This is proof that PEX pipe is safe and durable for use in homes and businesses. Each Seashore Plumber is trained and certified to install PEX pipe,

Uponor PEX Re-Piping Systems

Copper water leaks are very common in Huntington Beach. Copper water piping in its beginning days (early 60's) was projected to last 25 are more years, but over the years we have seen copper leaks in new homes after as little as two years. Some believe that the changes in water chemistry is the cause and others believe it is from electrical charges in the copper pipe. Regardless of what causes it, Copper pipe leaks! So lucky for you there is now an alternative to re-piping in Copper. (Uponor PEX piping)

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