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Water Drip

Our Plumbers use state-of-the-art equipment to locate and repair all water leaks and sewer problems, and contacts with the City and all major insurance companies to dry up and restore your home as fast as possible if needed, Call today.

What now?

Turn off your water and open an out side hose faucet, If you have an outside ball valve type shut-off you should be able to shut it off there, but if not you may need to turn off the main water meter at the street. (keep in mind that the water meter shut-off is owned by the city water department and any damages to the valve could be charged to you or the homeowner.) Then call Seashore Plumbing at (714) 421-9665 and our Plumber will show up fast! 

What should you do?

There are many reasons for finding water on your floor: Slab leaks, Refrigerator ice maker lines, Supply lines and angle stops, Sewer back-up or drain leak, Water Heater leak, Washing machines and hoses, Copper leaks in walls and ceilings,Toilet seal, and believe it or not, outside water from irrigation or yard runoff and rain. Oops! I almost forgot shower door and tile leaks. These are all very common leaks in Huntington Beach.

Have water on the floor? Call Seashore Plumbing for fast Emergency water shutoff.

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