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Leak Detection Process

There are many tools for locating water leaks and not all of them will work for every situation. some of these include pumping helium into the water lines and using a helium detector to locate the exact spot of a leak under a concrete slab. The only problem with this, is that some slabs were poured with a plastic vapor barrier that will block the helium from rising up through the slab. 

Another process includes the use of a special ultrasonic sound scope to locate the loudest area of the leak and or pipe that is leaking and then re-routing a new water line around it. (this is the most commonly used Leak Detection in Huntington Beach)

Some of the newer technologies for Leak Detection includes the use of infrared scopes.

Leak detection plumber

If you hear water running but don't see water on the floor, have water on the floor but can't find were it's coming from, or smell gas. We have the tools to locate and fix it fast.

If your water bill has gone up higher than normal you may have a slab leak, Don't wait until there is water damage, this could be very expensive, Call for our leak detection plumber today and sleep better tonight.

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