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​​Slab Leaks are very common in Huntington Beach

Our teem is specialized in locating and repairing water leaks fast. We use state of the art equipment to find the source and exact spot of the leak and then determine the best solution to repair the leak. Most homes in Huntington Beach have looped copper lines with manifolds tying them together above the slab. With these leaks it is best to remove the loop from the manifold and re-route a new line overhead or around the wall. (most copper water lines that start leaking will have other spots on them that are about to leak as well) A lot of homes on the east side of Huntington Beach around Adams and Brookhurst have copper piping under the slab with copper fittings under the slab as well, (no manifolds) this piping is called tee & ell piping. (ell is short for elbow meaning a 90 degree copper fitting) These homes have no choice but to hammer up the floor too make spot repairs other than re-piping the entire cold or hot piping system, usually both. This is called a Copper Re-pipe, Under ground water leaks can cause severe damage to a home and its foundation, If you hear water running, don't hesitate! Call us today and our plumber can have it fixed fast. (714) 421-9665

Seashore Plumbing is your slab leak specialist, 

We handle slab leaks on a daily basis in Huntington Beach.